Building a Standard for the Medical Marijuana Community

OK4U Approved Patient Advisors

So You Have Your Medical Card, Now What?

New Medical Cannabis patients or patients that are struggling to find their way will want to look for a OK4U Patient Advisor. A Patient Advisor will help guide patients on their journey with medical cannabis and they are working to bridge the gap between medical cannabis patients and their medicine. They will work with patients to formulate a health plan, educate on medical cannabis, work with patients on dosing and methods and discuss all medical cannabis options available, as well as, answer questions and address the patients concerns.

OK4U Approved Patient Advisors:

Jennifer Hawkins

Hawkeye Consulting Services LLC


Chip Paul

GnuPharma Consulting Services


Christy Palmer

Local Releaf Consulting Services


Chance Hernandez RN, BSN

Jennifer Brooks LPN

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