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What Patients Should Expect from a Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

If you just became a medical marijuana patient and have never stepped foot into a dispensary before, it can be a little overwhelming at first. From knowing what to ask for, being told all of your different options, to being unsure of what your body needs and will benefit from most. You may be unsure of where to start. But that’s okay! Because just like our great state is new to the use of cannabis, so are many people just like you. And that is why we are here to help you learn and stay in the know when it comes to medical marijuana!

When you walk into any dispensary, you will first be asked to show your medical card and ID, they will then enter your information into their system, and in future visits may ask to see your proof of Id’s again to verify who you are. Each time you visit and purchase your medication the dispensary will put everything you purchase into that system. This is a good thing for you as well because if you try something you like and forget the name, you can just ask the next time you visit and they will get you set up!

Most dispensaries now offer a wide variety of options, and that can be overwhelming at first. The options you have are amazing! From edibles to flower, hash, wax, vapes, lotions, bath bombs, and the list goes on. Then onto the wide variety of benefits, help with aches, anxiety, migraines, insomnia, depression, nausea, etc. and on it goes. There is something there for everyone! But on your first visit, you may walk in and say “Woah, I have no idea what is going to help me or where to start!” Again, that is okay! Because the people who are running these dispensaries should be just as helpful to you as the nurse is at the doctor’s office!

They will ask you some questions like what are you using medical marijuana for? What do you need help with? Have you have ever tried any products before? And what you hope to go home with as far as relief management. Then they will work their magic! Dispensary owners want you to feel comfortable and encouraged to come back, to try different things, to work with them in helping you until you are comfortable in using marijuana as your everyday treatment.

You have access to all of the details in regards to how your medicine was produced and the potency. All you need to do is ask! But please keep in mind that those working at the dispensary are the professionals of this service. They know what to recommend to you based on your wishes and while lab records are important, they don’t tell you as much as these professionals based on what your body needs. For example, higher THC levels doesn’t necessarily mean it will help your body aches, and higher CBD levels doesn’t guarantee to give you the most relief for your anxiety. It takes playing around with your options to see what is best for you. Trust that they do know what they are talking about based on experience and want to give you the best recommendations they can.

Never shy away from being honest, asking questions, and sharing your thoughts along the way. Most, if not all people in the medical marijuana industry want to see it continue to grow and adapt with the times, and see more people start using it in place of other drugs. Remember that, in knowing there are no wrong questions, we are here to help and educate

and move this industry forward! What is a lack of knowledge today will become empowered knowledge tomorrow! And that will only help bring more people to become enlightened about everything marijuana can do to help them, and hopefully open more minds to seeing what it could do for them and their needs!

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