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Owning a Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

Owning a dispensary in the state of Oklahoma can be challenging at best. Be prepared not to see the amount in your dreams if are opening a dispensary for money. It will take a year at best to even see a small profit with the challenges you will be facing. If you are seeking to open a dispensary within city limits you should hire a lawyer. Many city officials are still not 420 friendly and will wrap you up in red tape for months. Your timeline with state program deadlines does not worry city officials.

As a dispensary owner it is imperative that you are constantly on the OMMA site for daily changes and updates. OMMA does not and will not notify you about any new rules, laws, and/or any changes. Once your doors open be prepared to fight big corporations. Some owners feel it is OK to purchase out of state product and bring into Oklahoma at a cheaper rate. With no one to regulate dispensaries on where they purchase their flower, (in-state or out of state); or whether the flower is full of mold, insects, or other harmful toxins; dispensaries have no way of knowing and no way to prove flower is medically grown.

Many dispensaries are buying and selling illegal product since there is no enforcement at this time. When July 2020 arrives testing enforcement may help a small amount, but who’s to say that a dispensary cannot go test their flower after it has been purchased just so they can have testing on file from an Oklahoma lab. With OK4Uapproved on the move in this industry that is my hope that all dispensaries will play by the rules. In my opinion, a dispensary should be there for their patients, not to get people high. Our job is to help patients manage their pain, anxiety, PTSD, and many other ailments to help them live a productive life.

A good place to start is with OK4U. Your membership includes exclusive access to dispensaries who have been vetted by the leaders in our industry and have the OK4U seal of approval. You will find safe, tested, properly cured and stored product at OK4U approved dispensaries. We are here to help!!

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