Building a Standard for the Medical Marijuana Community

“It didn’t work for me. I tried it once, but it gave me MORE anxiety, can you believe it? And I don’t like smoking.”

These are all quotes I hear almost daily from new cannabis users. Some don’t even make it that far. They got their license and then become overwhelmed and do nothing. Dispensaries on every corner are full of products they’ve never heard of, much less know how to use. Cannabis can be confusing for sure. And one size does not fit all. What worked for your friend or bud tender, may not work at all for you. But you have to start somewhere. We are here to help. 

First things first… get a notebook. A special book where you will record your responses to the many different varieties and forms of cannabis. You think you’ll remember what made you sleep well or gave you the mental energy you needed to finish cleaning out the garage … but you likely won’t. (Trust me on this one). There are some great symptom journals you can purchase online (ecs therapy, Goldleaf). But you can make due with any note book. You’ll want to make a note of your most irritating symptoms on your WORST day. We’re including a list of ails that cannabis has shown effective to treat. You may be surprised at the number of ailments listed! It’s not uncommon for a patient treating their chronic pain to find relief of another symptom they didn’t even know cannabis could improve! Our bodies respond well to cannabis. Cannabis is an herb. A nutrient. A leaf of cannabis has more phytonutrients than a leaf of kale. Cannabis is food. Food is medicine…. Get it? 

Decide what methods of consumption you are most comfortable with. There are so many modalities, each with its own application. Some people don’t want to smoke. Thats ok. You don’t have to. But it should be noted that cannabis isn’t linked to lung cancer the way smoking tobacco is. In an acute situation, smoking delivers cannabinoids immediately. I recently saw a friend completely come out of post seizure tremors from one puff off a joint. It makes my eyes tear up just thinking about it. It was magical. So choose your method for your own personal reasons. And please, don’t judge others for their chosen method. 

If you haven’t tried cannabis before..or haven’t used it in a long time. Start slow. This is not the same dime bag marijuana your best friends older brother had in high school. Modern cannabis medicine has been bred for high THC content. In layman’s terms…it will get you way higher. So start with maybe one or two puffs off a joint or a vape pen. Then wait. Give yourself 30 minutes or so to feel the effects. Take notes! Did this help my pain? Did my heart get a little too racy? Is my anxiety better or worse? Do I have the munchies? Do I have energy? Am I lethargic? Keep notes of what you tried and how it was used, how long it took to take effect and how long it lasted. You’ll be surprised by how quickly a pattern starts to form and you are able to dial in what works best for you. 

Some prefer edibles because they don’t have to smoke. If you have trepidation about the euphoria associated with marijuana, I don’t recommend edibles for your first experience. Cannabis processed through the liver becomes much stronger and the effects last much longer. But this method is AHHmazing for long term symptom relief once you get comfortable using medical marijuana. Its also very discreet. I suggest trying edibles on a weekend evening when you have plenty of time and nowhere to be. 

Where is the best place to buy product? Dispensaries are not all the same. Far from it! One size never really fits all & dispensaries are no different. So you are going to have to visit a few to find the ones you are most comfortable with. It is so much fun visiting all the dispensaries Oklahoma has to offer!! We are so fortunate in our state to have so many options! Each one has its own style & vibe. Some feel more like a doctor’s office and some more like a retail store and some are in between. You’ll see varying products, meet many personality types and hear lingo anywhere from “Dude. This budder will get you ripped” to “this cannabinoid used topically is what seems to work well for my arthritis”. It may take a while, but you will find your tribe. 

A good place to start is with OK4U. Your membership includes exclusive access to dispensaries who have been vetted by the leaders in our industry and have the OK4U seal of approval. You will find safe, tested, properly cured and stored product at OK4U approved dispensaries. We are here to help!!

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