Where are the Inspections?

If you own a commercial marijuana business have you been inspected?  Have you been open for awhile?  
Cynthia and I used to own a homecare company.  We provided services for the elderly and handicapped.  We were licensed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.  In our office, we had to have someone with a professional designation called a “homecare administrator”.  Every year when we would apply for license renewal a health inspector would come out and inspect our operation BEFORE we were granted a license.
In fact, EVERY SINGLE license granted by the Oklahoma State Department of Health requires an inspection BEFORE issuance of the license…except medical marijuana.
Part of this is the fault of SQ788.  We wanted quick licensing and even put a timer in the law.
How do we achieve compliance in the commercial medical marijuana industry?  We have to ENFORCE the law.  As mentioned above very few of us have been inspected.  This allows criminals and frankly anyone to pop up a rural grow with absolutely no ethical, moral, legal, or human controls on those individuals.  The LACK of enforcement by OMMA is creating a very real and very tragic human situation in many of our rural communities.  OMMA says, “we will do better…”…
It is time to legislate change around how licensing is awarded.  We need inspection BEFORE awarding a license for renewal or granting an initial license. 
Chip Paul

Chip Paul


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