I hope this correspondence finds you well.  Senator Leewright, I think my first email to you.  Senator McCortney has seen a few from me as has Senator Daniels.
I think that we can all agree that we have a situation that needs to be dealt with concerning the lack of enforcement of medical marijuana commercial licensing.  Did you know that the medical marijuana commercial license is the ONLY license the OMMA/Health awards without first doing an inspection?  Most license holders have never been inspected.  This is unacceptable after two years of operation and is literally a CALLING CARD to black market and forgeign operators.  They can set up in a county, easily get compliance, and start operating with never a worry of a door knock.
Rep West has attempted to address this situation with a license cap.  That is a bad idea.  The free market approach we have taken is the talk of the nation.  I get interviewed nationally weekly and the marque question is always around the free market and allows ANY Oklahoma a chance to get licensed commercially should they choose to do so.  These free market principals only work with enforcement.  While I know several of you struggle with the marijuana issue, this is something Oklahoma clearly wants and clearly wants to be able to access as a commercial opportunity.  Stifling the free market aspects will alter the program dramatically.
I would ask that you all consider altering or tabling HB2272.  Let’s address the REAL problem which is enforcement not licensing.
Chip Paul
Executive Director for OK4U Approved

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  1. It makes it harder for legitimate Oklahoma born and raised ! Especially with the flood of out of staters and foreigners piling in and tsking over the industry ! It should of been 5 yesr residence requirements not 2 year ! If possible that need to be changed and Oklahoma born shoukd have first chance a licenses ! On top of this new METRIC tags at a dollar a tag is ludicrous ! Its a way someone got paid on both ends if you know what I mean ! That should of had to of been voted by tge people all these laws should have to be voted in by the people of Oklahoma not some fat cat in Oklahoma City!

    1. Hello Benjamin, thank you for your comment. This is Cynthia and I like your point on residency for businesses. This program is an Oklahoma State program and Oklahomans should be first in line for all licenses. Please join OK4U we would love your help!!

  2. It is very disheartening to see what legislators have done and are trying to do to our industry. Legitimate businesses are just getting raked over the coals. The lack of OMMA compliance and really education of them, legislators and doctors is just pathetic really. Thank you Cynthia & Chip for all of the direction and educating you do.

    1. Hello Karen, this is Cynthia. First, thank you for joining!! We are watching things very closely and you are correct about your concerns regarding lack of enforcement and lack of education. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and if we need to gather the troops and turn the heat back on in the state we will do it!! OK4U and myself and Chip are here for small business and patients!!

  3. Benjamin and Karen…agree with you both. We set up 788 for Oklahomans first and what we now have, due to an almost criminal lack of enforcement, is a bunch of foreign nationals now setting up here in Oklahoma. While a bunch of issues with Metrc, metrc WILL tighten everything up and we do not expect the metrc situation to always be as it is. With seed to sale compliance we will tighten up the lack of enforcement. Further, we are pushing these issues with the Governor and LtGov. and would expect some kind of marijuana council or visioning to come from that. And, as always, we hold a petition at the ready!